My mom is such an asshole.


So my man proposed today.

Shortly afterwards my mom came by to drop some things off. We told her about the engagement, and she turns to my fiancé (wow it's weird to call him that now lol) and jokingly says "you guys sure about this ha ha blah blah"

We both laugh and just continue whatever it was we were talking about.

Well right as she was leaving my fiancé decided to walk my mom out, once they got outside my mom starts GRILLING him. But not in the way you'd think, ya know usually moms are all "if you hurt her ill skin ya alive" type thing right ?

Nope. Not my mother. She straight up asks him,

"You sure about this ?"

"She's a handful"

"I hope you know what you're signing up for"

"Didn't marry her just because of the baby, because my daughter is a lot to handle"


What the ACTUAL fuck. My fiancé pretty much just told her "yeah mrs. C 🙄 thanks so much for reassuring me that i made the right decision in marrying her.... 😐"

Obviously my man wasn't phased by her comments other than just shocked that she would say something like that. But WHAT the fuck dude. I'm so pissed at her and now we're all supposed to get together tmro for thanksgiving dinner ?

Am i being ridiculous?

Let me add, me and my fiancé are GREAT together, my whole family loves him, including her. Which is why when she jokingly asked us if we were sure, i just laughed it off because she was JOKING. But the fact that she waited until her and my now fiancé were alone to "warn" him about how much of a "handful" i am hurts my feelings SO much. Like, I'm going to remember the day my fiancé proposed to me for the rest of my life & this memory will also be accompanied with how much of a dick my own mother can be. Which isn't her nature either i think that's what hurts the most.