Tired 🙄

I drove to see my husband because I miss him. And for some dick. Haha we work in two separate towns(2hrs apart) and I’m waiting for my transfer to move back with him. We talked all this hype I did my make up put in cute clothes he’s on his way home.... and I’m tired. So sleepy my make up is coming off because my Right eye keeps watering. And I’m not in the mood anymore :( he said we can another time if I’m too sleepy but I want to make him happy. Obviously we can tomorrow but I was so looking forward to it tonight. But I already know I’m going be asleep by the time this poor man gets home. No big deal to him he’ll just cuddle me and if I wake up and want it he’ll deliver if he’s up for it too. Ugh why am I exhausted all the time? It’s literally ruining everything. I have no motivation for anything. I get off work shower, eat, sleep. I get off at 6pm and I’m asleep by 8:30. Waking up at 5:30am. That’s plenty of sleep and I should be so tired I can’t even sleep with my husband without being so exhausted to move. I’m losing it.