It feels like all the odds are against me

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. Had labs drawn last week, progesterone is still low, estrogen is high, and it looks like I didn’t ovulate as I thought I had this month - based off of the lab values. On the other hand the labs were drawn 1-2 days early so my progesterone wouldn’t have hit its peak yet. I feel like all I do is go in circles from “maybe it’ll happen” to “no everything is saying it won’t” I’m so irritated. A girl who got pregnant in less than 4 months, said “you just have to stay stress free, and eat right and it’ll happen” like no, people have actual imbalances that cause this. We (the same girl) were talking a different day and I was saying “I’m sick of my PCOS I don’t know what to do anymore” and she sat there rubbing her pregnant belly and said “oh, tell me about it”. Like 4 months is not a long time. We’ve been trying for a year and that’s still a short amount of time compared to most. I just want my BFP. 😭