24 weeks pregnant and Idk what this is or what to do


I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom. This was on the tp two times after peeing this morning. So I decided to just drink water and watch it like the ob told me to do if I was having contractions which I'm not. Although I am having mild cramping that started just now, but it may just be gas. There has been nothing else all day til just now (last 2 pics are just now) idk if this is considered spotting or if its normal or if its something I should go to l&d for. I had none of this with my first and only other pregnancy 10 years ago. It is also almost 11pm here so I cant call the ob and ask and idk how to explain it to l&d since idk what it is. I have also noticed that I've been very nauseous. Which is unusual for me unless I'm really hungry