A night in pt 4

We kissed for a few moments longer and he aligned his dick with my pussy. I was soaked and ready. I felt the head at my entrance. He pushed inside of me, and we both gasped. He slid farther inside and groaned in my ear. He pulled back, and entered again. He started slow, and each stroke was deep and deliberate.

Soon he began to speed things up. I wrapped my legs around his back and my hands around his neck. He pounded into me, deep and hard, stroking my cervix. I could hear the wetness of my pussy as he fucked me. I moaned his name louder and louder with each plunge into my pussy. I reached my hand down and circled my clit a few times and I was ready to come.

Zach, I panted, I’m gonna come.

Yeah, he grunted, come all over this dick, baby.

Unh, Zach, I’m coming, I moaned.

He finished with a few deep strokes and rubbed my clit and I exploded. I moaned and bit my tongue as my pussy clenched around his dick. I felt him release into me as I gripped his back. He grabbed my ass and groaned as his cum filled me up. He collapsed onto me and we lay there, coming down from heaven.

Zach kissed my forehead and then my lips.

I love you, he whispered.

Oh, I love you too, I said, smiling hard.

He felt along my back and down to my ass. I bit my lip and murmured, Are you ready for more? You’re here all night.

He smirked and pulled me onto him.

—this is my first time writing so hope y’all liked it :))) feedback is appreciated—