I think im a little too hard on him sometimes 🥺

Honestly i have this problem where i feel that im mean to my bf. Like we don’t understand each other sometimes. I really love him and he told me he trusts that i love him, like he has no doubt. But i feel that ya in a way he does love me but at times i feel that he is unsure. Maybe its me asking for too much. Idk if i need reassurance all the time or what. But texts like the one i posted ☝🏼 is really rare and i love when he sends me them( i literally immediately start crying) i wish they were more often. And everytime i tell him like “when was the last time you got me something?” And he brings up that he always drives and he always pays for meals and yes im appreciative of that but im not talking about those things im talking about like flowers or my fav chocolate like just something that shows me he still cares. Idk if im just crazy or what? He says i always let my emotions take over me and not my logic. Idk what to do... or what to change? What should i say?