Could i be pregnant ?

The last day of my period cycle was November 2nd. I didn’t take my new birth control pills for the month. I wanted to let my body regulate, because I’ve been having been bleeding twice a month on them. It’s very light though. My boyfriend and I had sex November 9th. He cummed in me. I took a plan be the next day. Keep in mind, I wasn’t on birth control anymore. I started bleeding last week. It was a bright red color and then started to be brown. It lasted maybe 4 days. I’m scared that it could be implantation bleeding. I just can’t be pregnant right now. Originally, my period is suppose to be this week. I haven’t started it yet. Could my bleeding last week be my period? It’s the normal time I would bleed then the next week I would bleed for like my period. I took a test last month and it was negative because we had an accident also. I’ve been cramping and moody. Very light and watery discharge. Could I be pregnant? I’m waiting to take a test in 2 weeks. I just need feedback please !!