South Africa mommies ...

Hi Ladies,

My son is 6 weeks old, I need to get out the house & do some shopping

I live near a mall so I'm tempted to go, on my own tho, which is still a very daunting thought for me.

I am worried about parking and getting him in & out the car safely (without becoming an easy target for thieves etc ..) doing this all by myself (getting pram out the boot & back in while keeping an eye on him etc..)

Once in the mall I will be ok as I will have him the pram

But it's the getting out the car and getting all the stuff ready and him into the pram then getting back in that's worrying me .. esp in our country, worried I become an easy target ... distracted while I'm making sure my son is ok as I try maneuver everything just to go on a shopping trip alone :(

Any experienced mommas with some advice?

I'm going nuts being stuck in the house.