Am I being dramatic?

So my son is 2, he likes to watch YouTube videos, he knows how to switch from video to video while on the app but he doesn’t know how to use a phone very well, obviously, so he hands me the phone every time an ad comes on or if he accidently exits out of the app so that I could put his video back on. Anyways, my bf is on his stupid PC playing games and I was using the restroom, my son comes in so that I could fix his video as usual and I look at the screen and there’s fucking porn playing on it. I handed my bf his phone and said “look what your sons watching” and he snatches his phone and says “wtf how did he get on that?” playing stupid and I’m like “close your fucking tabs before giving him your phone” and he just sits there quietly. I’m trying to let it go but I’m just so disturbed by it. I can’t help but feel super annoyed even though I’m trying to let it go. I don’t even know what group to put this in, I’m just venting