Sleep training 5 month old.

Have any of you sleep trained a 5 month old. I'm thinking about it with my daughter. We have a bedtime routine in place and she sleeps fine until 10pm, wakes for a bottle anywhere from 10-11:30pm then she will sleep soundly again for another 2-3hrs then wants another bottle. If I give her it she will sleep till 5am then wakes up every 10-20 mins for her dummy and probable would drink another bottle if I offered but it's too close to her morning 7am bottle. So I refuse and just keep replacing her dummy. If i dont give her a second bottle, she will wake every half hour until the morning.

She used to be able to self settle but then she got a cold and started falling asleep on me as she couldbt breathe properly when laid down due to her stuffy nose. Now she needs rocking to sleep every night and if she stirs and doesnt settle with a dummy I have to rock her and then put her down again.

I think shes starting to wake up to be rocked back to sleep. And I think shes using the bottle in the night as an aid to drift back off because she doesnt wake up fully her eyes never open. She drinks plenty in the day. I'm just at a loss the past 4 nights I've had about 2hrs sleep each night. I'm exhausted and I've also got a 2 year old to look after. No one can help me. My partner sleeps as he works 12-14hrs days 6 days a week so I cant ask him to help me. And no one will have them in the day so i can sleep. They all say my baby is hard work (she sleeps for 30 mins at a time for naps) and shes just mardy most the time because she needs sleep but wont sleep and i cant get her to sleep longer than 30 mins I've tried to get to her before 30 mins and make sure she has a dummy and comforter close by and to just help her into another cycle. It hasn't worked. I've tried all sorts. Not working. And I'm finding it hard to be persistant due to being so tired and having a toddler at home I just cant leave alone to go upstairs to spend 15mins+ settling her and however long trying to resettle her after 30mins to get more than a 30 min nap.

If any of you sleep trained a 5 month old why and what method did you use and how did it go?