TMI - Is this implantation bleeding and VFL?


Hi, so I posted a test yesterday and most of you said on the poll that it was probably BFN. That picture was. VVV

(Yesterday’s test^^^)

So now I’m around 7 DPO according to Glows prediction but I haven’t been doing OPK so I’m not sure exactly when I ovulated.

I’ve been very symptomatic for the past 3 days. Waking up with raging heartburn, nausea, cramping on and off through the day, constipation etc.

I took another test now this morning, I’ll post that picture below. VVVV

(This mornings test)

So after taking this test when I wiped there was some pink on the toilet paper, I was just wondering if this could be implantation bleeding?

I’m not due on my period until 5th December so it’s not period and there was only the little bit on the toilet paper when I wiped, I couldn’t see any blood in my urine.

Picture of the toilet paper VVVV

Also just adding in here that when I checked my cervix this morning it felt very high up and pretty soft. I’m hoping these are good signs that I may get a positive test soon. Please let me know what you guys think, thank you and baby dust to everyone TTC.