Baby is finally here, overall positive induction


Baby is finally here after inducing at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure! Baby consistently measured 2-3 weeks big at growth scans until 36 weeks when he measured on track and was estimated to be 6.5 pounds (originally we were expecting a 10+ pounder). Doctor was worried the placenta wasn’t functioning as well as it should be due to the high blood pressure.

I was set to go in Monday night and the hospital cancelled due to a snow storm and was told to call yesterday morning. Went in at noon. My doctor was snowed in and finally able to get out and arrived around 2pm. I was 1 cm dilated so we started with a foley balloon and oral cytotec. The balloon and 3 doses of cytotec dilated me to 4cm. Around 2 AM we started the pitocin. The dose was increased every 30 minutes and they got it up quite high. After 9 hours I had period cramps at best. My doctor decided to break my water at 9 AM. Within 2 minutes I was having intense contractions. I made it to 10:30AM before asking for the epidural (a whole 90 minutes lol). It was amazing. I didn’t feel a thing, not even the burning of the anesthetic. I was able to sleep for several hours and had enough sensation that I was able to move all over the bed into different positions, didn’t feel any further contractions, just pressure.

By 3 pm i was dilated to 9.5 cm. We stalled there for hours and we had to turn the pitocin way down because baby wasn’t tolerating it. Finally at 8pm they let me push because i finally had the urge to poop. Doctor could tell baby was sunny side up and didn’t think he’d be able to pass my pubic bone and she was concerned we’d end up with a c-section. We did the rebozo technique to wiggle him back out of my pelvis to allow him to come back in at a different angle... it worked! At 10 pm my doctor asked if i would let her use the vacuum, she could tell I was getting tired and didn’t know if I had enough energy for the last bit. I told her do whatever she felt was needed for a safe delivery. Thank god she used the vacuum, i was dead tired at the end and couldn’t breathe or push through the reassure and I know I wouldn’t have been able to get him out in those last 4 pushes without it and baby was also tired and started showing signs of distress at the end. I was able to push really well and strong because i could feel the pressure of the contractions (truly no pain). When baby finally came out, I had some pain, but know it was actually just insane pressure. I have a minor tear, baby is perfect and a surprisingly tiny little guy at 6lb 7oz. My doctor said if he was much bigger we wouldn’t have been able to get him out and that I have a very tiny pelvis.

I went in mentally prepared for the absolute worst pain and process. It was no where near as painful or awful as I was expecting.