For moms far away from family, what are your plans for taking care of your 1st while you give birth?

ali • Beautiful 👶 boy born 4/11/17 via FET #1 after TTC for 4 yrs. Expecting #2 in Feb. 2020 after FET #2. 💙

This is my #1 stress. We live 6+ hours from family. My husband's aunt is the only one who has said with 100% confidence she will be here if we want her, but she doesn't have much experience with kids so I'm not really comfortable with the idea of her taking care of my then almost 3 yr old by herself. That might be our only option though. But what do we do, call her as soon as I feel the first contraction? Hope she can get here in the next day, realistically, because it's not like she'll be sitting in the car waiting for the call? Lol. What are you all planning on doing if you don't have anyone to help nearby?

I'm almost at the point of mentally preparing myself to drive on my own to the hospital and give birth alone. ☹