I’m struggling


I don’t know if this is me over reacting but my boyfriend always sees me once a week only on a weekend and I don’t know if it’s me but every time we argue it’s always about see each other like I’m always always always asking him go see me and he always says he’s got stuff planned and I don’t it really upsets me because no matter how tired I am and now matter how busy I am I always try and squeeze in trying to see him but it’s like he’s too tired to see me or he’s too busy, this week he’s been off all week he picked me up from work yesterday but then I ask to see him today on a day I have off and he’s coming up with every excuse and when I try and talk to him about he just flips out 😢😭 I really don’t know what to do anymore but it’s upsetting me, I’ve been wanting to hurt myself a lot lately. I keep telling myself I wanna die not because of the situation with him but with everything else going on, he doesn’t see how I’m struggling atm but is always trying to pick fights