Period Tips for the Unwelcome Period

Sasha • TTC 2ish years. Hoping/Wishing/Praying/Trying for our first🥰🤞

1) Cry if you need to.

TTC with any type of complications is heart wrenching. When I see that my AF showed up when I so desperately wanted to miss it BREAKS MY HEART. So cry. But then pick yourself back up. Keep going! We have a whole new month to try again.

2) Reach Out.

Have a friend or family member/partner or friendly internet friend that you can vent to. Maybe even cry some more.


You have earned a treat. Chocolate, milkshake, pickles, a big juicy burger. Whatever. Pick something you love and let yourself have it.

4)Jill off a little.

Whether it actually helps shorten your bleed time or not, it feels good. Do it.


You still have to live your life. Check in with yourself, and decide to have a good day. Easier said than done, but try. Actively decide to get dressed. Real clothes, hair, make up, whatever makes you feel good and put together. Go to the gym. Walk the dogs. Clean up the house. Go to work. Just keep going.

6) Listen to your Feelin Ya Self playlist.

Mine has Soulmate by Lizzo and some Snow tha Product because I like to get a little wild on car rides or just washing dishes lol.

You got this girl!