Does anyone else feel like they are messing everything up when it comes to baby’s sleep?

My little man is almost 6 months old and it seems like I'm doing everything wrong when it comes to his sleep.

His nighttime sleep is absolute crap. He wakes up constantly and needs to be held in order to put him back to sleep. He always ends up sleeping in our bed; usually only after my husband is up to go to work but still not ideal.

His naps are also terrible. He needs to be rocked to sleep and almost always wakes up if I try to put him down in his crib. Most days, I spend hours in the rocking chair holding a sleeping baby. Its been like this from the start and I've enjoyed the closeness but I really need to feel useful in other ways now too.

I'm willing to sleep train but don't even know where to start. My husband is not great with consistency so it would be up to me to do most of it I guess.

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