❤💙👣🎀 THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR!!!!!!!!


Ladies are you ready for the year of 2020 well if not than (GET READY LADIES)🙌👏👐❤❤❤❤💙💙💯💯💯💯


yes girl's this is the year we will be on our toes seriously praying to our creator ☝ up

In the sky for our BFPs!!!!!!

Ladies this yr was a messed up year for me I lost my son at 5months my water broke and I had to give birth my SO we're lucky enough to have had time with my baby for a good 2 hrs before they took him away his little urn sits beside my bed.....BUT ladies this is not a post about sadness it's a post about being blessed with our 1st BABY'S our RAINBOW BABYS & or JUST TO HAVE MORE CHILDREN!!!!!!Point is 2020 is our year so ladies keep ur heads up and fear not keep a time in the day for a good and serous prayer I believe prayer is key

But besides that most important have faith in the BIG GUY UPSTAIRS!!!!!!and he will shine your blessings upon you so BABY DUST TO ALL THE LADIES TTC FOR 2020🌟✨🙏🙌👏👐🎀👣💙❤