So me and my boyfriend have been together almost 2 years and I am currently pregnant with our daughter.

The first year was really toxic. From verbal abuse to physical, cheating as well, taking the piss out of me on social media with the girls he cheated on me with. I literally had to wear makeup not because I wanted to but to hide all the marks and bruises.

Earlier this year I left him and he begged and begged for another chance and I gave in and gave him that second chance.

Since then, he's been perfect. In fact you wouldn't even realise they were the same person. He hasnt even really got mad at me, he hasnt cheated, he hasnt been horrible. In fact he's been doing everything right. Getting me my favourite snacks when ive been upset or ill. Making me feel special, giving me massages, spending all his time with me. Inviting me out with him and his friends. Like being so nice especially since ive fell pregnant.

The issue is now I'm looking and I'm thinking this looks so easy for him. Like I dont get it. If its so easy for him to treat me right why did he treat me so badly for a year?

How was it so easy for you to transition from treating me like shit, hitting me, cheating on me being horrid in general to being so nice. Why did it take him so long?

I feel like now I've seen him so loving, caring and nice, I feel even more like shit that he treated me so badly.

I dont know what to do.

I think about leaving him but I can't bare the thought of it.

Any advice other than leaving him?