C section recovery - 1 wpp


Hi! So I had my c section a week ago, and I noticed on the bottom center of my pooch there’s these massive veins that run up towards my belly. My incision looks great according to my husband, but I’m a little concerned about these vein lookin things. I have a TON of tenderness (obvs) from about 3 inches below my belly button to the top of my V (it’s a large area Bc I was plus sized when I got pregnant).

Has anyone had experience with this? Potentially unrelated but my feet have also ballooned up the last two days, I have had a headache that’s pretty intense when my pain killers wear off, and my stomach (food stomach) has been so sensitive the last 4 or so days.

I’m so used to looking out for pregnancy warning signs, I have no clue what to look out for post pregnancy.