Brother and sister in law sick kids


So we’ve been hanging out with our family while on vacation, and two days ago we stopped by my brother in laws for a little dinner thing. We stayed less than an hour because it was past little ones bedtime. Well fast forward to today and their twin two year olds have been coughing ALL day and one of them is really fussy. They have been playing with my baby’s toys and sharing toys with him and mostly before we noticed how sick they are .

Anyways, everyone is kind of ignoring it and just letting them and I keep trying to get my baby away. It’s so awkward and I know he is probably gonna get sick now I’m so frustrated! They didn’t say anything about them being sick to us.

I guess I’m just venting on here because I don’t really have anyone to vent to. My husband is too worried about what they think to say anything 😕

Photo of my beautiful boy ♥️