Please help! Does anyone know what will happen if I fail university(uk)?


Not sure where to post this so I’ll just post here.

So here is the situation:

I study maths in a welsh university. My first year I passed everything, but in the second term there was like 2 weeks (at least) of strike action from the tutors, meaning no lectures so they essentially dumbed down the course to not include a bunch of stuff that they didn’t have time to cover. This shouldn’t have been an issue but then that means second year there’s stuff they expect you to know that you just don’t, because you never covered it and it’s so frustrating.

So anyway, second year I got really depressed and was too anxious to even go to class most days and even when I did go I couldn’t concentrate at all. So I failed that year, I ended up getting extenuating circumstances from the university because I went to counselling and was on antidepressants, but I never got that from student finance (probably still could but idk).

So I’m currently resitting the second year, but I’ve been finding it so difficult, like I just don’t understand anything and obviously the first year didn’t help plus the fact that what I did know from first year I have mostly forgotten since it’s been over a year. So exams will be in January and I basically know nothing, I just never remember how to do anything and I don’t get anything and I know it’s gonna be awful.

So I’m looking to find out what will happen if I fail this year of university? I don’t think it would even be a good idea to try again because I just don’t think I should have done this course, I hate it. I thought it’d be fine since I had a* maths and a* further maths at a level so I was like yeah this is gonna be the one for me but now I just can’t do it, it’s so different from a level and there’s so much more to know. And if I don’t get 2nd year how on earth would I get 3rd year.

So if I was to fail in January does anyone know what would happen regarding student finance, trying to get a job, etc. If I was to drop out?

And if I managed to stay on til the end of the year would it change anything?

Would appreciate any help. Please don’t just say “keep trying”, “you’re dumb if you can’t finish uni”, or “don’t give up” because that’s all I’ve seen elsewhere on other posts about this and I just really need answers as to what will happen.