MIL unhappy she doesn’t know name


We are having our third kid and as with each one we don’t name the baby until we actually meet them. We develop a short list over time but feel strongly that we don’t name them until we see their face. With the first kid we shared our short list and she didn’t like the name we ultimately picked, so we decided not to share again. Each time my MIL makes comments about wanting to know and my husband thank goodness gives the same explanation. But today, one week before baby will be born, she makes a cranky comment about how she is going to have to send Christmas presents out with ‘New Baby’ on the tag because she doesn’t know the name. I responded that the temporary label is perfect and the presents won’t get confused with anyone else’s. But seriously this baby is arriving 18 days before Christmas, why is she even remotely worrying about something like this. 🙄