SUPER bruised nipples😭😭😭

My LO used to latch properly in the early weeks.

In the last one week, she LOVES to suck the nipples from the tips and then suck the whole thing in. It hurts like IT HURTS. I try to make her open her mouth fully but it just doesn’t work.

The tip sucking started when she started tasting her food from bottle before she takes it in. So she’s doing same with my breast.

I’m so bruised. Like seriously bruised I use Lanisoh but it’s 2 days now and I’m still hurting and not fully healed . I plan not to breast feed for like a day or two to heal completely.

Do you have any advice on how I can correct her new latching style and any faster healing nipple cream.

I am in serious pain. Feels like nipple wants to fall off😭😭😭😭