Plan b


Hey so I just wanted to share a little something or big something... I don’t know but it’s been bothering me. Last Sunday I had sex with a guy and we didn’t use protection( I’m not on birth control) and he came in me. This was also the day my period was supposed to come. After that I ended up taking plan b a few hours later. The pharmacist said if I had any other sex activities before this I should take a pregnancy test. I comepletly forgot a I did but that other guy didn’t cum in me. Anyways it’s been 5 days and still no period but all I get is my symptoms of my back hurting and some cramps here and there and I feel nauseous and wanting to throw up all the time. I’m really anxious for the “what if’s” in this scenario and I tell myself it would be impossible that I would be pregnant. but I still feel worried.