🚨🚨 I missed my period but tests are negative. Any idea?? 🚨🚨


I'm so confused. I thought I ovulated on 11/7. On 11/17 I thought I had a vfl (see below). Since then nothing. Tests are 100% negative and still no AF.

Is it possible that my hcg spiked on 11/17 during ovulation and maybe I ovulated late? I read somewhere that hcg can be as high as 5 without pregnancy and since FRER is sensitive enough to detect 6; maybe 5 would appear as a VFL?

I thought maybe I would test again on Saturday?

I'm just super lost. I thought about calling my Dr but idk what I'd except him to say or do.

I had my tube (I only have one) untied almost two years ago and had an hsg three months ago. My tube is open but I'm also high risk for ectopic.

Should I just continue to wait? Should I call my Dr and ask for blood work to confirm if I ovulated or not?

If I had a chemical pregnancy this cycle - when will I get my period?

Thoughts? Advice?