Does it sound like my mother in law doesn’t like me

Ok so she ALWAYS makes it a point to say like smart things to offend me or always complain about everything I do but never what her son does. For instance today. We showed up for thanksgiving and within 5 min of being there she had insulted me 3 times. Then I fed my one year old and about ten min after I was done she comes over, takes my daughter off my lap, says “come on since your mom is starving you” and then took her to get food. There was also an instance where my fiancé’s cousin said that me and my fiancé need to hurry and get married and my mother and law threw a pencil at her and made a face. But then she comes over and hugs me when we were leaving. So there’s mixed Signals. I feel like she doesn’t like me and I’m honestly thinking about just removing her from mine and my kids life because I’ve never done anything wrong to her or her son for her to treat me like this

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