Would you be mad if your boyfriend did this?

So just for some context I am in grad school and work part time every 2 weeks I get like $120 which is for gas, food and personal expenses. I have loan money that is for whatever I go over. I pay my bills out of loan money since I am in school and my parents cover my rent. My boyfriend works as a bartender and lives at home. On top of his full time paycheck he goes home with $200-300 cash each night he works on weekends he lives at home and has no expenses. We are long distance due to college but there’s 2 things that really stuck out to me this past week. 1. We went to a concert and I just lost my crossbody wristlet. I didn’t want to lose my license or credit card so gave it to him to hold. Well he wanted a drink and then got me one. He decided he want another drink and when he came back so he put it on my card and got me one too. First I never wanted another drink and the fact that he put it on my card when he knows my expenses are tight is very strange. It wasntlike he said on I grabbed yours on accident he fully put it on mine because he’s so cheap. The next thing is going we are both 23. My goals in the next 5-10 years are to pay off my loans, buy a house, buy a car, save money, travel, have a wedding and start a family. Obviously it doesn’t have to be the nicest house ever or the most expensive wedding. Well he tells me he also wants these things and instead talks about how his dreams are to get a second car...which like I get that it’s his money he can spend it how he wants but at the same time he’s very materialistic but his parents are the exact same way🙄 did anyone else have these issues?