Holidays are HARD now!

Veronica • 23 | Married | Dog Mom 🐶 | Mommy to an angel, Xander Oswel Martinez 👼🏻💙 I love you my beautiful baby boy.

Picture of my son below...

November 6th my son was born and I lost him. It was the most heartbreaking experience ever. This thanksgiving is so hard now for my husband and I. I should be 36 weeks now I should be having a huge bump but I don’t...... i know my son is in a better place and I’m glad he is being taken care of better then he we would ever have cared for him here. We just miss him so much.

Happy Thanksgiving to my son Xander Oswel Martínez 💙 and happy 3 weeks old my sweet baby boy.

Mommy and Daddy love you soo soo much. 💙