confident ..?


Me and this guy have been spending time together alot. We started off as rlly close friends, stayed good friends, kinda like my bestfriend. And yk things went forward, he got out of a relationship and I helped him through it. And like it all turned out smoothly. He’s over her now, somehow because I helped him get over her. And now lately we been acting more than friends. Like I met this guys family .. and had such a good time hanging out with his siblings. We keep moving things to the next level.. and I actually see myself dating him. No one has ever treated me like this with such care ..never have I ever been in something serious like this since January ( my ex ) . Today .. we hugged and I ALMOST SAID “ I love you “ in his ear, and all I said was “ I lo— “ and quickly stopped . Is it too soon? Because it definitely felt right . I was so confident .. IT JUST slipped out of my mouth. I didn’t even expect that . . Sometimes I wanna tell him that so bad but idk if “ it’s the right time “ does that even exist? It’s literally how I feel .. and it feels right .