No pregnancy symptoms


Hello ladies. Iam 7 weeks &6 days no pregnancy signs or symptoms whatsoever, I’d say I had nausea and sore breast even bloat that shows that there is a baby growing at first 4 weeks or so but that all stopped since and now My belly looks like it stopped growing. I did have an early utrasound at 6 weeks but no heart beat.

My doctor said I might be too early for heartbeat to show and that the absent of no symptoms is a sign that the baby might not be growing properly. Or I might be the lucky few who experienced no sickness

So I guess my question is did anyone have no pregnancy symptoms and went on to have a healthy baby. Or did anyone miscarry much later after no sign of pregnancy?

Note I did have a late miscarriage at 16 weeks before this pregnancy even than with that baby i had morning sick on the first trimester so iam worried.

Please do comment and thank you in advance.