Fiancé left daughter and I alone on thanksgiving

So it’s obviously thanksgiving. My fiancé decided to go to his mothers house to celebrate. He didn’t say “ let’s go” or anything like that. I got ready, did my make up, got my daughter ready and he simply just got up, grabbed his keys and left. It really broke my heart because I didn’t even get to be with my family today because we agreed on going to his parent’s house. Ps I’m also 10 weeks pregnant. I’m just hugging my daughter because I feel like she’s the only thing I have right now. 😢


No we weren’t fighting. I thought we were perfectly fine. I even went out of my way to make some mashed potatoes to take. I seriously just think he did that because he knows his mom doesn’t like me. He’s always so far up her ass it’s ridiculous. Honestly I wouldn’t have been as hurt if he would of just told me straight up. But to leave me AND HIS DAUGHTER. She’s 8 months. She’s a baby nothing is her fault. He could have at least said he would take her for a bit or something. He’s the sweetest to me and his daughter all the time. But when it comes to his bitch ass mom or family he always picks them over my daughter and I.