My poem about conquering depression

As I close the door on a long chapter in my life, I am reawakening.  My soul has come alive, like the embers of a flame. Crackling and spitting, bursting from the confines that have been set forth before me, and conquering.  I am a song, lively and free, for I have rediscovered me. My light was dimmed and my spirit was broken, for far longer than it ever had. I trudged through the darkness of my mind, unseen was the brightness just ahead.  God did not abandon me, he shaped me, refined my rough edges. Guided me, although I did not know it.  

I had been gone, I thought the version of myself I knew I should be, could only be again if I swam through the passage of time.  My mind. My beautiful mind, once painted in deep blue dream scapes, and romantic landscapes with a robust imagination. My soul was flat, a grey slate.  I almost went black.  

Then I saw it.  I saw I could never be happy while waiting for the future.  I turned to my God, the only constant I ever knew. He was the only way to push through the dark trenches.  To push the boundaries of my soul until it was quaking, and hardly dared to continue forward. When I broke through, the beauty was undescribable.  Strength. Love. Forgiveness. Faith. Hope. Power. The gifts from my God rained down on me, cleansing me of my insecurities.

Rely on the Savior.  He will guide you through, He will push through to the other side, He will make it there with you.  He is the answer, He is the way, and He is the light.