Am I right to be upset?? 😤🦃🥧


*Sigh* Here goes...

We had thanksgiving this afternoon with my family. My boyfriend came with me, and we brought with us 2 pies for everyone and whipped cream. It was great catching up with the family, and it was going really well. We don't have any drama in our family and holidays are always a fun, happy experience.

I have a younger sister who is almost 17, and I'm 20. We didn't get along well when we were younger, but after I moved out years ago our relationship has been fine, and we keep it civil. No big issues. She came with her boyfriend as well.

Well, when it came time for dessert, we all cut into the pies and whipped cream and everyone was standing around talking and laughing, stuffing themselves with dessert. My sister then joked about putting a bunch of whipped cream on her plate and covering her pie. Well, my boyfriend started encouraging her to actually do it, and me and my aunt chimed in as well. So she ended up putting a giant mound of whipped cream on her plate. Then she complained that she couldn't eat all of it, it was funny and harmless. So she started giving people some of the extra.

I opened my mouth so she could give some to me, and she ended up scooping a handful of it right onto my face. It was hilarious. I had zero problem with it. It didn't ruin my makeup, get in my hair, or on my clothes. Everyone laughed and it was all in good fun. So after the moment was over, I went to the bathroom to wash it off and came back.

She was still working on eating all the whipped cream. By that time, the joke was over. The conversation had moved onto something completely different. It wasn't until about 15 minutes later, that she suddenly asked for a hug and came over to me, still holding her plate. (Which still had a ton of pie and whipped cream on it) I thought nothing of it and went to hug her, and suddenly she reaches around and shoved the entire plate into my face. I had pie and whipped cream all over my clothes, hair, in my eyes, ears, and up my nose. It was definitely meant to be worse than the first time.

She started laughing uncontrollably, while everyone else got silent. Some had dropped onto the floor as well, and my aunt asked her to clean it up, but she was laughing too much. I was not happy at all, but I still chuckled along and kept my cool. I figured it better to just keep it civil and laugh along, and not make a big scene. So I calmly went to the bathroom and was in there a good 10 minutes trying to get it all off me. My contacts were full of sugar, my hair was sticky, and my dress was full of pie and sticky stuff as well. And while trying to wash it off, my makeup ran too so I did my best to fix that without looking like a raccoon.

While I was washing up, she even had the audacity to continue poking fun at me. Her and her boyfriend left immediately after, without saying goodbye. The food was still on the floor, so I cleaned it up.

On top of that, she had dumped the pie back into the pie tin, with bites taken out of it and whipped cream everywhere. I also had somewhere to be right after that, and I ended up being late because I had to run home and shower and change because I was a sticky mess.

I sent her a text a little while later explaining how upset I was. (I did not make any kind of scene around my family. We left right after that, and said our goodbyes and wrapped up our conversations politely)

This is the extent of the conversations afterwards. I have received no kind of apology or response from my sister, and probably won't ever. I'm not going to press it further since it happened hours ago. The way my dad seemed so nonchalant about it is making me second guess whether I went too far by texting her? Am I being a bitch about it or am I justified in being upset?

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