I have ended things with my partner of 4 years because my family gave me an ultimatum Them or him.

It was the hardest decision ever because I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant.

My family were concerned for the safety of me & my children (I also have a 5 year old son).

My ex partner in the past 3 months has become abusive, I guess there’s always been forms of mental abuse but only recently did it become physical. I had to leave our home and move in with my mum. While staying here we were still talking and trying to work through things but nothing seemed to change every time we would meet if he didn’t get his own way I would be in trouble basically.

So I guess my family had enough and said them or him, and I’ve chosen them but why does it feel so wrong? I don’t feel like anybody should ever make me choose. I tried to explain the situation and he told me he was going to make it his mission to go and have a baby with somebody else.

I never want to keep him away from his child but if he can’t even be around me without it being violent what can I do?

(Just want to mention he has never hurt my son)

I don’t know the point of this post, I just feel so alone right now so just needed to get this off my chest.

I haven’t stopped crying, I feel trapped & honestly feels like no matter what I do I’m being controlled if it isn’t my ex it’s my family.

I just want to enjoy my pregnancy but right now I can’t, I just about get out of bed 😔