Advice needed baby sitting?

Gina_single mum of one son, preg with baby girl

Hi, I am obviously trying to get some help here. I have sent my son to daycare for 3 weeks and he is having difficulty dealing he has very high level of separation anxiety and I have taken on four weeks of work of 5 days a week to get by over the Xmas rush. My question is, I don't think even leaving him in family daycare at someone's house is good enough for him and he would still hug their legs and still cry when I left. So I am thinking of an at home nanny, someone to even prep dinner in the week for my son and all his meals and even to look after the house a little since I can be pretty time poor and stuck on the road for hours. What criteria would I set? I know the obvious ones police check, working with children, able to cook. But what else, driver licence is one and what should I look for?.. some things I know of would be customer service, nappy changing.. the coordinator at his daycare is up in arms because my son hates when the staff swap over and he has to get used to someone else to hug legs with. I think she said he had a week and if he was not settling I would be having a meeting with her. I have thought of pulling out but I won't cope on just my husband income to fill our fridge, pantry, buy clothes and xmas things/gifts and he gets edgy over me asking and nagging... I would love to know if you women have nannies at home, you could trust and what criteria you had set to hire one... ?... I also wanted to mention I have my mum but she does night shift, my sis has Uni and my dad retired..