Pls bare with me 😓😓😒😭😂

I'm going to try my best to explain my question pls bare with me.

Ok so I had been using opks since I stopped my BC pills actually just this month. To be exact the 1st day of my last period was on nov 13th-17th. Then my positive opk was on nov 25th of 6:15am.

I still kept testing which I know I shouldn't after getting a positive opk. But I do it just to see if my lines go lighter which they should but it went from positive to being almost positves for a couple of days even drinking lots of fluids and peeing in between. Then now my opk test is positive again. I took a test right after having a vivid dream of having a positive pregnancy test. And my opk turned out to be positive now again. Im confuse. Did anyone gone through this and had bfp at the end?