Stalled Labor at 9cm

Lisa • Mom of 3 boys 💙💙💙

I’m currently in labor with my third, 2nd vbac. My water broke 24 hours ago and I’m now stuck at 9cm. There is a risk to using Pitocin because of the previous csection and there’s talk of having to do another if I don’t progress within the next hour. I’m exhausted, frustrated, and angry. I’ve gone through so much pain to end up with a csection. The recovery will be terrible for me based on my age (40) and I have a 20 year old special needs son and a 6 year old and it’s the holidays...I can’t be out of commission. My last vbac attempt was not only a was the perfect labor. For a third pregnancy I would not have expected this...I thought subsequent deliveries get easier. Just came here to vent and if you are religious prayers are appreciated otherwise good vibes are as well.