Pregnant with copper IUD.


I’ve had the paragard for almost 2 years now. I’ve been feeling lightly nauseated all day for the past week and since I’m 2 weeks late decided to take a pregnancy test. I was not expecting anything because I’ve had late periods with the IUD for up to 25-30 days after and tests were negative, but last night they weren’t. Within 30 seconds that line showed up very clear.... then I took one that said yes or no clearly visible... and it said yes. I’ve never been pregnant before. The OB/GYN that placed in my IUD almost 2 years ago said the IUD was a little low from the start but that it wasn’t no problem. My partner and I check the strings every so often and haven’t noticed a change. I had another ultrasound done for something else about 3 months ago and the technician told me again that the IUD was a little low but since the OB said that it has always been low I didn’t think much of it... so guys... please be aware of your IUD placement and if the doctor tells you it’s okay that it is low IT IS NOT. Now I’m gonna have to spend extra money, physical and emotional attention to this occurrence. My partner is very supportive so I guess I will be okay. But just be aware... it is a very potent method of birth control, but it’s still unfortunately not 100%. Also just pay attention to any changes in your body. But... wish me luck I guess... :/