i feel like i’ll never find the one.

i’m an 18 year old mother to a 7 month old boy. i know the title is a little dramatic but i just feel so out of luck with love. i’m not necessarily looking.. i’m not eager to jump in another relationship either.

basically me and the father were together up until about two months ago. he had cheated throughout our whole relationship and i was stupid enough to stay but finally enough was enough i guess.

when we first met and started hooking up, i found out shortly after that he had a girlfriend he was cheating on me with. i told her, it was a whole thing, he claimed they’d already broken up, and me and him had met once again a few months later. the rest is history.

well now, i met another guy. it was very unexpected but me and him have a strong connection. we’ve been talking for a little while and we finally met up the other night. he was amazing with my son!!

it was late at night and i thought for sure my baby waking up would kill the mood. nope, he completely bonded with him. it felt really special.

well come to find out he has a girlfriend! i am just shattered! on top of it all, he acts strangely similar to my ex/baby father in a lot of aspects. the charm, the way he talks, things like that.

i feel like men just don’t take me seriously. i’m a pretty girl they just want to hook up with and brush to the side after. it feels so unfair. and i know i’m not the only victim here.. of course i feel for his girlfriend SO deeply. i was in her place.

i’m just so upset. especially now that i have a kid. i know i’m young and like i said i’m not in any rush...it just makes me feel so upset. i’m a good person. i have so much to offer. it’s like men don’t even consider it. i don’t know...i’ve been crying nonstop the past few days i’ve made myself (literally) sick. i even miss my baby’s father somehow. he’s back with his ex. it’s just all so shitty. i feel terrible.