Would you bring it up to your mom?

yesterday for thanksgiving me and my fiancé of two years, went to my moms house. And we live together but spend the night over there. My brother and sister we’re calling him their brother in law and my mom kept saying he’s not your brother in law he’s nothing to us (right in front of him) “they’re just engaged that’s not married or anything like that”. But then my sisters friend (guy) cane over who she just met, and my mom was sayin she’s his “aunt” and all 😡. She even asked to take a family photo and i asked him to be in it and she said no only the family.... I got really offended by this because my boyfriend and I been together almost 3 years, and engaged living together and everything. I dont know how to address it to my mom because now my fiancé thinks my mom doesn’t like him because how she was treating my sisters friend who she just met. What would you do would you be offended? I know I would!