In need of someone to talk to sorry so long need to vent

My husband wanted to have a baby so badly with me, we have together total of 11 kids, he has 5 from previous marriage and I have 6. Well we was trying since Jan this year and he was losing hope after a few months well here we are I'm 13 wks 6d. He was excited and thrilled at first and now is acting like he is not interested at all that I'm pregnant. I tell him I can feel the baby moving and he says things like "oh". I mean I know he can't feel the baby yet but it's like damn show a little more interest. Almost like he is bored with the idea. And then today we had our gender ultrasound and he had his heart set on boy and well we are having a lil girl and he seems really disappointed even more so. But says he is nor but actions speak louder than words. He has changed, he went from talking to my stomach to nothing at all for a few weeks now. Doesn't even seem to care. Doesn't ask how I'm feeling anymore nothing. I feel like I'm in this alone. And it sucks. Don't get me wrong I do not expect him to be up my butt every min of the day but sometimes would be nice to have him interested again. I'm feeling so depressed about the whole pregnancy thing now as I'm afraid that his kids will come before this one. :-(