My LO has never slept for more than 3 consecutive hours, usually up every hour and a half...needless to say that now that he is 6 weeks I am literally exhausted. He is a big boy and it's time for him to move out of his bassinet and into his crib, man if I thought he slept bad before, with the crib it's like 20 minutes and he is awake and bawling. Finally by midnight last night after starting his bedtime routine at 6 I finally broke down and started bawling with him and I finally brought him into bed with me (my husband is on the couch so he can get sleep for work) and he dozed off to sleep. Co sleeping was something I had vowed I would never do and yet WE SLEPT AMAZING. He only woke up to eat at 3:30 and 7. I feel like it was therapeutic for me too. Now I know the old saying 'you can't spoil a newborn' and all that but I would love to hear about some veteran mommies that coslept and how you think it affected your LO's sleep habits in the future, aka once they got older (toddlers) were they able to transition into their own bed?