Could this be pregnancy ? I think it might be ! Ladies !!!! Help

Me and husband have been trying to conceive for 6 months, period started September 29th and ended the 3rd of October. It said I ovulated around the 14-16th. We went to a concert a week ago and I kept having to pee, during that night I felt some lower back pain. I haven't any discharge. My cervical position seems to be high soft and closed and that never happens !!! Husband noticed that I looked bloated and he asked me if I was pregnant and I just laughed it off . When husband poured a bowl of cereal I thought it smelled like a skunk ! Haven't been nauseated or anything. 2 days ago I started getting cold symptoms such a stuffy nose and tons of sneezing and nose just feels tingly . I heard those can be symptoms. I took a dollar store pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative , lastly I will feel a little bit of random sharp pains in my breast and a random shooting pain in my vaginal area and my belly button was hurting a few days ago, last night I tossed and turned all night and was restless. I am also less hungry . Could I be pregnant ???? Expecting period in 4 days and I hope it doesn't come . Can any women relate ?