Opinions ladies? Pic warning

Keep your bras on because this is what cancer looks like...lets do another water bucket challenge and actually donate to the appropriate places to try and make a difference I've lost to much to cancer and there's nothing pink, or glamorous about the process, it's long, hard, and heart breaking....luckily we knew good people who tried very hard to help us get the best we could, they didn't take their bras off or wear save the boobies shirts....they helped raise money, they came Over and helped us with the most simple of things, dishes, vacuuming ect just to take a little extra stress away, they stepped up in ways that really made a difference and we still lost the battle....but we had so much support from friends, family and some amazing strangers....I hope one day I can step up to really help someone else's family in need and I hope you all can to, in ways that actually help.Click pic to read full comment