We had our baby - & it's a GIRL!!!- Luna Violet! 💗

Sarah • Been with hubby 7 years & married 3. Luna Violet 💗 horn Oct 2015 (conceived with glow help!) & River Elijah 💙 born Aug 19 2017! Both natural !! 🎉
We did it & ITS A GIRL! We had our baby girl Luna Violet on the 16th! 7 lb 7 oz! & we barely made it to the hospital on time. 
Little Luna sure made her entrance into the world with an insanely fast and pretty lucky labor and delivery! Below is a short summary of our labor & delivery. 
First I'm going to personally thank our doula and note that if it wasn't for her getting there in the nick of time and saving the day I would have probably had this baby scared and at home. 
*If you're thinking about getting a doula- ABSOLUTELY go for it. 
After a crippling (baby switched to OP after my water broke) and super fast early labor at home by the time Lauren my doula arrived at my house I had recently already had my bloody show, water broke and was already in transition. All within about an hour. For a FTM we did not plan this (they say labor takes so much longer) nor did we realize how far along we were when she got there. She later told me I was probably already 7cm. She amazingly somehow got me in the car with nothing but a barely there robe draped over me & we finally got to head to the hospital like I had planned to do the hour before but physically could NOT. On the way to the hospital I started uncontrollably pushing in the car. Lauren, my doula noticed this and had to teach me how to NOT push! (Something my classes never taught haha) she literally braced me the entire car ride so I could manage the contractions & when we got to the birthing center, Lauren said upon check in, "she's having the urge to push" and they quickly wheeled me into our room.
My midwife checked me on arrival: 
I was already at 10 cm and baby's head was at a 3! 
(She told me later she never had anyone arrive at 10 cm...)
Wow. Well we had made it to the hospital AND I had all my support people there! That's the only thing I knew at the time and that's the only thing that mattered. 'Thank god I got here in time' I kept thinking. And not only that but I'm here with my wonderful, supportive midwife, my fairy godmother/doula, and my superhero husband. I could do this. I was ready to birth this baby. 
I already had the pushing urges so once allowed to push things naturally went. AND I got to watch it all on the mirror as encouraged by my midwife. I just have to say- what a beautiful and amazing process birth is! And I'll tell you watching it myself, it was the only true part of my experience I really got to focus on and absorb and participate in and it made delivering so much more special! Everything else I had experienced before that I pretty much blacked out. But seeing baby coming, I got to see the pushes effectively taking over my body and I even touched her head while she was crowning!
We got there at around 1:30 and had Luna within two hours. We did birth all naturally like planned but my dreams of a water birth were no longer. My husband joked during delivery, "Well, Sarah. We got the tub room." (Side note: my hospital had1 tub room) LOL! The whole staff laughed. We didn't even have time to run the water! Maybe next time. And next time- the second labor hits, I'm driving to the hospital and laboring in the parking lot. 
I cannot thank my birth team enough. 
She is the best thing that's ever happened to us. 
Words cannot express.
All I can say is birth is amazing. Pretty scary, but amazing. And no matter how much you plan & prepare, sometimes the universe just has its own plans. 
 Good luck to all my fellow mommas out there- you can do this! 
And a recent photo, I can't believe she's already 1 week old!