3rd time's a charm... hopefully

Julia • Met my husband 11.14.07 Married 5.15.10. Ended BCPs 6.13. 1st MC 3.1.15 2nd MC 6.17.15 Baby Girl Born 7.9.16
So after a couple days of sore boobs I thought maybe I should take a test. To my surprise I got a faint positive on two cheap cheap tests. This will be my third pregnancy this year and unfortunately neither my husband or I feel like we can even be excited at this point because we have only had disappointment so far. I'm still kind of in disbelief that I actually got a positive test this morning when only a few days ago it was definitely a negative and I was preparing myself for AF. Who knows this one might work out, and if it doesn't at least we might be able to finally get some answers from a doctor. Good luck to all of you ladies, I wish you all baby dust (and happiness)