Extreme exhaustion

Ashley • Rainbow Baby Girl 🌸 Due July 16, 2020🌈 4/23/19👼

Hey ladies hoping for some advice or support. I’m 11 weeks and I’ve read symptoms of exhaustion are the worst right before you hit your second trimester but I really feel like my exhaustion is extreme. Like maybe there’s something more wrong with me? On days I don’t work I literally nap at least 2-4 times throughout the day, only wake up to eat and go to the bathroom. I literally cannot get out of bed. After 1-2 hours being awake I’m ready to go back to bed. No matter how much I sleep I don’t feel rested at all. On days when I try to force myself to stay awake (especially when I work) I get horrendous unbearable migraines and start to feel dizzy and my co workers say I look pale. Not being able to do anything but sleep is making me super depressed and I’m

Just worried this isn’t normal or if it is- I’m worried it’s not gonna go away. I can’t imagine feeling this way for 6.5 more months. Any advice or experiences are much appreciated. FTM here so I have nothing to compare to.