27 weeks.. New place. I've been gone for 2 weeks !! Missed everyone 💕

🎀Stephanie🎀 • Mommy of 2boys, Kaiden who is 5 and now baby BRODY 💙 January 2016💙love my hubby💙
With all this happiness I've been having hard times seeing the crib and everything coming together and my mom not here to see it all. ⭐️🌛 love you to the moon and back mommy 
Photo of his Mimi (my mom) who passed away a week before I got pregnant.   I want him to know who she is. Know his Mimi and what she looks like even though she's not here.  Now just to hang everything 
I need my mattress and decorations from storage now. But I feel the nesting beginning lol. 💕☺️. Ugh. I feel huge😆 and I've been hurting so bad and having horrible cramps that last for 5-8 mins at night. 😐. He's almost here lol
Walks with my loves helps though. Relaxes me and I know exercise is good for me lol