He cheated on his pregnant wife..

Britney • Married 💍👪 first child born 2014🤰🏻Expecting baby #2 July 2020

Ok, so here’s some back ground, I have been with this man for almost 10 years, we have a almost 6 year old son together. Earlier this year we separated for a couple of months and he found a gf immediately, and she was actually one of our sons teachers at his daycare. She was 20 years old and he is almost 33. Made me sick but anyways, we almost went through this huge custody battle but he said he broke things off with her and wanted to work things out and how he messed up so bad and he wished he would have married me and given me another baby like I begged for years. So of course me being a naive idiot, I take him back we get married in July, now I’m 12 weeks pregnant and I find out last Sunday he’s been texting that 20 year old bitch again! And of course he lies and lies. I call her and tell her she needs to back off and how we are married and I’m pregnant and she tries to act like my friend saying I need to have more respect for myself than to be with someone who doesn’t love me blah blah blah, and she goes on about how pretty I am and a good mom and I get my husbands phone and see them talking shit about me and how evil I am and she would never give me proof bc I’m a evil bitch. I’m just like wow.. so this is you not talking to her right? So he continues to say he’s not talking to her and so I need peace so I text her on Christmas <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> and I tell her once again to back off and for her to have more respect for herself than to be talking to a married man. So she sends me these between them. Mop

And then she reports me to the law saying I’m an abusive mother. Like this girl is absolutely crazy. I have no record of any sort and would never ever hurt my baby. But of course my husband says these messages are fabricated or he says he was drunk when he sent them. It’s just so sad bc this was the same day I had a check up on our baby and everything seemed fine.. I feel stuck. I just do think I can truly ever get past this. And he keeps getting mad at me when I bring it up bc I need truth and closure to get past this and he keeps blaming me and saying well you did this and that. And I’m like ok so that justifies you having an affair? It’s so awful. I can hardly eat or sleep, I’m dropping weight. I just feel so betrayed.