Hello ladies,
   Just joined the community and really appreciate reading your stories, feelings, and thoughts. I've been married a year now and TTC since July. I'm finishing up grad school and discussed with the hubby plans to try. Funny thing is I haven't gotten my AF since late August, this happened in the past when I was much heavier. Then AF started coming for regular visits again. I took a pregnancy test in Sept. when no visit from AF, it was negative. I tried the Ovia app for a bit and now it's stopped tracking since my late luteal phase? Well anyways wasn't too concerned and continued to wait for AF symptoms... The hubby and I just randomly tried a few times this month and I took another test around my predicted AF visit, still read negative... The last two days I've been feeling extra hungry, emotional, and tenderness in my breast. I don't know what to do... Any suggestions?